Saturday, April 18, 2009

The gRiM cOuTuRe Artist Grant

gRiM cOuTuRe, in partnership with the Art & Artists Network and the Artist Mentors Group, present The gRiM cOuTuRe Artist Grant.

The goal of this grant is to aid newer artists in establishing their place within the SL arts community.

Artists are encouraged to complete the application process which will entail a general application, submission of art work, statement of authenticity and a summary of thier artistic vision with in SL. Applications can be found at:

A grant recipient will be chosen by officers of gRiM cOuTuRe magazine, the Art & Artists Network, and Artist Mentors groups.

The recipient will then be given an option of

1) 30 days tier paid on an approved art space


2) Financial support, organization and promotion of an SL art event featuring their work.

Grant recipients will also receive one on one business and artistic mentoring through other SL artists involved with the program. Their artwork will also be showcased in an issue of gRiM cOuTuRe.

Please send a NoteCard to Tricia Aferdita, Elysia Ashbourne, Nebulosus Severine or Sasun Steinbeck for more information.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An important update for all members - please read.

The following topics have come up recently, and I wanted to pinpoint a couple of things that require prior approval from a group moderator BEFORE sending in a group notice:

Q. Can I send a piece of art in a Group Notice (without an accompanying event announcement)?

Q. Can I send out a survey in a Group Notice?

A. If you want to send either of these to the group, ask a Moderator (Sasun Steinbeck or Klink Epsilon) for approval before you send it.
Failure to do so may result in a warning.

The F.A.Q. will be updated to reflect this posting.