Monday, January 14, 2008

A couple of helpful hints about group notices

A group member IMed me earlier today and had a helpful suggestion for sending out Notices:

"I love staying up to date on openings and exhibits. I have a suggestion that may make it easier for everyone to reference notices....Can we suggest to members that they notecard their notices and paste LM in them for future viewing?"

I think it's a very wise idea, indeed. Many of our members DO send notecards with their Notices, but those who don't might want to consider the idea. You just might get more visitors to your events that way!

(Thanks to Gwen Carillon for the suggestion!)

Speaking of Notices, did you know that you can view the past MONTH of Notices? This is especially helpful if want to read the Notice again, or if you decline the attachment by mistake.

Here's what to do:
Open the Group Information box, and click on the Notices tab. You will see a list of the past month's group notices. Since there are so many, you may want to re-arrange the list to find what you want. There are three ways to do this:

1.) Click on 'Subject' to re-arrange the list alphabetically by subject;
2.) Click on 'From' to re-arrange the list alphabetically by sender's name; or
3.) Click on 'Date' to re-arrange the list by date (keep in mind that the date list is arranged by numerical order, NOT chronologically).

When you find the notice you want, click on it. You will be able to read the contents and accept the attachment, if any.

Hope you find these hints useful!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A quick reminder

Just a quick reminder: clothing announcements are not permitted -- this is a Fine Arts group. There are plenty of fashion groups for that purpose. Thank you for understanding!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Oh, btw, Happy New Year!

Happy fucking New Year!

Submissions to the Art & Artist Network Flickr group

To all group members who are also part of our Flickr group:

I just went through & removed pictures that I don't feel are relevant to the group topic. I want to reassure you that this wasn't done because the pictures were inadequate in any way, I simply want the group submissions to stick to theme as much as possible.

-- Submission guidelines --

YES: Gallery pictures; pictures of individual art works, snapshots of an artist at an event, live musical performances (excluding DJs unless it is accompanying an art event), installation pictures, gallery pictures, snapshots of artistically done builds.

NO: Glamor shots, landscape pics, random snapshots, portrait pictures (unless it is a picture of an artist in his/her gallery or event), photo manipulations of SL snapshots (unless it features art-related content).

I realize these restrictions might seem strict, but I do want this to be a specialty group for SL and not just another place to dump all SL-related snapshots. Thanks for understanding. :)

* Note:
If I have removed anyone's picture in error, please let me know, and you can re-submit it. I apologize for any misunderstandings!