Saturday, December 29, 2007

Group list cleanup

Sasun Steinbeck, one of our Moderators, has decided to keep the list current by ejecting inactive members of the group -- anyone who hasn't logged in for at least 6 months. If you have been ejected in error, please IM any of the Mods to re-join.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Logo Contest Results!

The winning entry!

-- 1st Place - Alucin Enoch

--2nd Place - Daedalus Young

-- 3rd Place - Eeyore Ogg

Congratulations to all of our winners!

A big thanks to all who participated! Thank you for being a part of the Art & Artist Network!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I am finally going to bring the Art & Artist Network logo contest to a close.

I have set up the 14 entries in-world. Please visit, choose your favorite, and then vote with the form on this page!

The prize amounts have been DOUBLED, thanks to a generous donation by Yman Juran!

First Place: Designer receives L$2000, and the winning design will become the official Art & Artist Network Insignia! This design will be used in the Group Information box and in any upcoming Art & Artist Network group gatherings. The designer will ALWAYS be given full credit.

Second Place: Designer receives L$1000.

Third Place: Designer receives L$500.

Good luck to all who have participated, and thank you to everyone who casts their vote.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Art & Artist Network Group FAQ

(last update: 15 January, 2016)

Welcome to the Art & Artist Network.The Art & Artist Network group was founded as a way to connect anyone interested in gallery openings, art auctions, gallery walks, emerging artists, machinima festivals, art fundraisers, artist blogs, art publications, meetings, etc., etc... This is THE group to join to stay connected for the Art World in Second Life!

To join, IM one of the moderators, Nebulosus Severine or Sasun Steinbeck, for admission to the group. 

Group Rules1.) This is a Notice-Only group. GROUP IMs ARE DISABLED. If you need to make an announcement, send a Group Notice.
2.) Group Notices MUST be Fine Arts-related in some way. This isn't a group for announcing your yard sale or your dance club event. I have a zero-tolerance policy for off-topic notices. If you are unsure if your announcement is appropriate, use some common sense and IM any of the Moderators to ask.
* Music events are considered to be off-topic unless they are directly related to a Fine Arts event. (Please see this post for further details.)

* Before sending art pieces or surveys, you MUST obtain Moderator approval. (Please see this post for further details.)
2a.)  The artwork you represent must either be yours, or your client's (if you are a gallery owner hosting other artists, for instance). Effective immediately, galleries or venues that promote art or images that they do not have the rights to will be ejected and banned.

3.) No more than 2 group notices are allowed per event/exhibition. Plan your notice-sending accordingly.

4.) Members who have not logged into SL for 6 months or more will be removed from the group. This is nothing personal, we simply want to keep the group populated with active members. If you have been ejected for inactivity and wish to join again, simply ask one of the Moderators to re-invite you.

Group NoticesAll members of the Art & Artist Network group have the ability to send group notices.Please be respectful and send NO MORE THAN 2 NOTICES PER INDIVIDUAL EVENT/SUBJECT.To create a group notice:
1.) Open the Group Info box (an easy way of doing this is to double-click the Art & Artist Network group name in your profile).
2.) Select the 'Notices' tab, which is on top.
3.) Select 'Create New Notice.'
4.) Fill out the box however you want it to read. You can also attach 1 item to the message (a notecard, landmark, snapshot, object, etc.) by dragging it from your inventory to the small grey box below the main message box.
5.) When you're finished, hit 'Send Notice.' Within a few moments, you'll know it went through if the Group Notice dialogue box pops up.
**Note: SL's group notice system seems to be a bit faulty at times, which means that not all messages may go out on the first attempt. Please wait at least an hour before attempting to send the notice again.

Did you know?

-- You can opt-out of receiving Group Notices if you don't want to receive them. Open the Group Info box and look in the lower-right corner. You will see a check box that says "Receive Group Notices." Just uncheck the box. Some notices may slip through (I'm not sure if this is an SL bug), but you will no longer receive most notices.[Note: If you have an email auto-response when you're not logged in, PLEASE disable the Group Notice. Group notices trigger your auto-response to IM the sender, which is rather annoying.]

-- You can view past Notices - This is especially helpful if want to read the Notice again, or if you decline the attachment by mistake. Every group is now limited to 200 stored notices which expire 14 days after creation. Messages over 200, or older than 14 days, will be regularly deleted.
Here's what to do:
Open the Group Information box, and click on the Notices tab. You will see a list of the past two weeks' and/or past 200 group notices. Since there are so many, you may want to re-arrange the list to find what you want. There are three ways to do this:1.) Click on 'Subject' to re-arrange the list alphabetically by subject;2.) Click on 'From' to re-arrange the list alphabetically by sender's name; or3.) Click on 'Date' to re-arrange the list by date (keep in mind that the date list is arranged by numerical order, NOT chronologically).When you find the notice you want, click on it. You will be able to read the contents and accept the attachment, if any.

Group LinksWeb Forum:

Flickr group:

Thanks for reading!
-- Nebulosus Severine
Art & Artist Network founder